We wish you all a Happy New Year. May you shine & sparkle all through the year 2017. Look forward to our new styles.

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Bandaid Jar with Printed Bandaids

Transform moments of hurt into moments of healing with fun by wearing these super trendy band-aids and make every moment fashionable!
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Set of 8 Eyeshadow Applicator

No makeup kit is complete without a set of eye makeup tools. And with makeup tools from Eristona, you'll have just about everything you need to apply, enhance, adjust and spruce up your eye makeup in a jiffy.
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Eyelash Curler

The iconic eyelash curler featuring bold metallic colours for ultimate precision that delivers the perfect curl.
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Set of 2 Toe Separator

Colourful toe separator for a perfect home pedicure and to apply polish in an easy way, with no smudges but in style! Never be out of style while doing anything!
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Set of 5 Nail Filers

A must have beauty product for neat and perfectly defined nails in every situation. It gets more stylish when these filers get more colourful like a rainbow!
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